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Our brand promise

From start to finish, our hand-crafted process takes place at a small studio in Los Angeles, California, where a team of women create the collections that we send to our customers. Each piece at an An Old Soul begins as a spool of waxed linen string and a couple handfuls of crystals and stones. Each necklace passes through the hands of at least four women before leaving our studio. 

It is this process that makes our jewelry truly “hand-crafted” and guarantees its high quality. We feel a great sense of pride knowing that we can create a product in the USA while keeping our prices affordable for the everyday woman. 


Facts about our jewelry…

        -  All clasps, charms and metal beads are gold-plated or sterling silver-plated 

        -  Large crystals are made from high-quality hardened glass 

        -  Natural semi-precious stones are faceted or polished

        -  Pearls are freshwater and naturally formed

        -  100% female owned and operated company